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Re: Why Is There So Much Conflict?

I beg to differ. Energies are no more negative now that they ever are. They are all what they are.

Its all about how you interact with the energies that are presented to you. If you are using your birth chart positively they you can navigate the obstacles with ease, though sometimes its not easy(ease and easy are not the same). If you do not, and if you don't see that it is only you that you can change, and if you blame your issues on other people or circumstances or the refugee crises in the middle east or the presidential election(if you live in the usa), then things will always seem bad. You can't control those things. Those of us who have lived a much longer time understand this. some of us remember the daily body counts from Vietnam and the atrocities there, or Idi Amin or the Comere Rouge, or the Holocaust. You can always find something outside yourself to blame your life on---always.

You can control yourself and you can use your chart to plot the right course.

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