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Re: US - a Uranian Country

Originally Posted by blackbery View Post
Where is the conflict with other nations shown in this chart? And a packed 7th indicates the numerous alliances and friendships the U.S shares with many countries...

For me, the conflict and the glory of the US is shown by the Sun conjunct South node high in the chart. The US is a natural leader in the world and attracts a lot of attention from all the other nations. The US is seen as "proud" and even "boastful" by the other nations. This "pride" comes naturally and easily to the US. However, when it comes to focusing on itself and its "home" (North node), the conjunction of the Sun to the South node makes it difficult. Even something seemingly as simple as bringing troops home becomes difficult, because of the US's standing as a leader in the world: the US keeps getting pulled back out into the world (Sun conjunct South node) while it wants to develop itself at home (North node in 4th house) instead.

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