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Re: US - a Uranian Country

Originally Posted by Cold Fusion View Post
I'm not quite understanding you. The 6th is house is ruled Virgo. Are you trying to say they are slave drivers or the slaves?
As I explained to Tim in a recent post, signs do not rule houses. Signs and houses are different. Some modern astrologers adopted a simplistic by-the-numbers approach to conflating planets, signs, and houses. Others have not.

The modern astrology I practice is methodologically conservative, with respect for the tradition that preceded it. I detach signs and houses.

See Deborah Houlding's book, Houses: Temples of the Sky.

The 6th house rules (poor) health, small animals, servants and slaves (from the master's perspective.) Today it makes more sense to say that the 6th governs the principle of service to others. It is a cadent house. In mundane astrology, it would include public health.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign, ruled by Mercury. It has the quality of a kind of perfectionism or improvement quest, and a desire to be helpful in practical ways. It is one of the traditionally "barren" signs.
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