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Re: US - a Uranian Country

Tim, it suddenly occurred to me in a Uranian flash of insight, that maybe your Cornwallis surrender chart is actually showing the demise of the British army in the 13 colonies. It is probably less about the birth of the USA than it is a chart about a blow to British colonialism.

Why? Because Cornwallis was a military general. He wasn't King George III or his chief personal representative (like a Governor General,) nor was Cornwallis deputized as a lead diplomat by Parliament. The full terms of the handover of power didn't happen until September 3, 1983, at the signing of the Treaty of Paris.

The horoscope for this signing is at:

Apparently a key early sticking point in these treaty negotiations was Britain not willing to grant American independence!! Who knew?

They had all kinds of major issues to work out, like the status of territories west of the 13 colonies, and the status of citizens who had remained loyal to Britain during the war.

So if we look at your Yorktown chart from a more astrologically conservative perspective, right away we notice the sun in the 10th house-- both symbolizing the monarch. But the sun closely conjuncts the south node and is in its fall in Libra. MC ruler Venus in Scorpio in the 11th has no essential dignity. The Scorpio moon in the 11th is in its fall and in the 29th degree. Jupiter conjunct the moon at 29 Scorpio also has no essential dignity. Mercury in Scorpio in the 11th has no essential dignity, and is just past its square with Mars, the planetary ruler of soldiers.

We could debate whether a planet in the 29th degree is weakened, but clearly it indicates an upcoming change of signs and with it, some kind of transition.

None of this looks like a rosy picture for a nation's birth date.

Uranus in the 7th precisely looks to me like a sudden upset military matters involving an enemy..
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