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Re: US - a Uranian Country

Hey, Tim-- so what source are you using to claim that the 11th house rules social security??

As you know, each house rules multiple topics; many of them unrelated. (For example, the 5th house ruling gambling on horse races and one's children, the 6th ruling illness, small animals, and slaves, and the 12th house ruling secrets and large animals like cattle.)

So it's really a stretch to say that the British surrender chart symbolizes a social safety net. It didn't exist at the time, nor for many decades thereafter. So clearly, in the interim, your 11th house has to stand for something else.

The plain traditional meanings of the 11th house are the house of friends and of one's hopes and wishes for the future. The latter meaning seems especially appropriate.

Rex E. Bills, The Rulership Book (a modern text published by the AFA) provisionally gives social security to the 8th house.

The Skyscript primer on mundane astrology gives the following to the 11th house: "Parliament, especially the House of Commons. Town and County Councils and similar bodies. Friends of the nation. Legislation."

The 12th house probably comes the closest to social security, in containing "the welfare state," with the 6th ruling the national health service. The 12th generally rules people who are misfortunate in some way, as well as institutions like hospitals and nursing homes.

This site describes the 11th house as containing: "Allies of the country, institutions of the government such as local governments, senates, and other legislative bodies." It gives public health to the 6th house.

I could go on in this fashion.

As I've mentioned, I don't conflate planets, signs, and houses by-the-numbers, which you seem to do. (See Deborah Houlding's book, Houses: Temples of the Sky.) I can go into the reasons why not if it's of any interest. For starters, you've got Scorpio on the cusp of this chart's 11th house: so does that take us into 8th house/Pluto/Mars territory? But then with Leo on the 8th house cusp, are we looking at the sun in the 9th ruled by Venus?

You see? There's no end to the complications of conflating planets, signs, and houses.

In "conservative" astrology, houses do not take on qualities of the elements. Signs do, but not houses. Houses are angular, succedent, or cadent. They aren't earth, air, fire, or water: signs are.

Further, air is not social. Air is mental, even intellectual. (For a foundational modern astrology source on the elements, see Stephen Arroyo, Astrology, Pyschology, and the Four Elements.) The idea that air is social might come from Dane Rudhyar's evolutionary astrology: I'm not sure. Do you know?

Again, the Civil War was not declared to end slavery. It was declared to maintain the unity of the nation. A key issue in succession was states' rights vs. federal oversight, which was Stephen Douglas's platform. The Emancipation Proclamation wasn't official until the US was well into the Civil War; and then it dealt with slaves in the Confederacy-- not in former slave states under Union army control. The 13th Amendment abolishing slavery wasn't ratified until 1865.

No doubt northern abolitionists believed they were fighting to end slavery, but this wasn't the primary reason why war was declared. The first battle was actually over control of Fort Sumter.

Also, Tim-- I don't know what kind of rarified social milieu you inhabit, but I've interacted with many white people who were perfectly OK with making racist remarks.

Surely we can do better.

I've explained in a previous post the differences and areas of overlap between social justice and social security. Many social justice issues have nothing to do with a social safety net. And most conservative elders want to keep their Medicare and SS entitlements. (Cf. also veterans' benefits.)

Originally Posted by wilsontc View Post

Social Security IS the eleventh house and the eleventh house is VERY emphasized in the Cornwallis chart. "Social" because it's an Air house and "Security" because its a Fixed house, combine the two and you get "Social Security". So Social causes are VERY important in the US and freeing slaves was one of the biggest of previous times. While we can disagree over the details of how much of the US was pro- and anti-slave, it WAS an important issue because of its social roots and eventually a Civil War WAS fought to END slavery, something NO OTHER country did. Even today the IDEA that someone is a "racist" is horrible to most people, which is why it's a VERY effective putdown to silence other ideas and points of view: simply call the person a "racist". The quest for "Social Justice" also mirrors this focus on "Social Security".

Looking at other times, in the transition from the 50s to the 60s and beyond, transiting Uranus was squaring the planets in the eleventh house, a fitting symbol of the social revolution going on at the time as an entire generation rebelled against the previous generation. The 60s generation became aware of the problems of the previous generation and made it their job to restructure society so as to bring a more stable, secure society that fixed the problems of the past.

Still looking,

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