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Smile Re: Age of Aquarius May Not Be So Great

Originally Posted by Opal View Post
It is a nice concept, thinking of the motherís, of the two, mourning together, the passing or crossing of their suns.

Your last sentence reminds me of how we divide 30 degrees into decanates of 10 degrees, with each zodiacal element representative being assigned a section. When Pisces arrived, in the degrees 20 - 30, Scorpio would have been ruler of the segment. At Pisces leaving, it would be double Pisces.

Well, back to the star charts!
What star should be used to locate the equal sidereal Signs? For example, Western siderealists are using Aldebaran ("Eye of the Bull") to center the 30 degree sidereal Sign Taurus, and that sets the entire Zodiac.

And, what transiting points should be used to mark the sidereal Ages? Nearly everyone is using the Equinoctial Line.
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