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Originally Posted by leomoon View Post
I ran across this one. What a lovely thought

The cross now stands empty, having done its work. Jesus descends into the underworld to seek and save the dead. Among them, surely, is his friend, Judas.

When I imagine Judas and an astrology sign, I think of a material sign such as Capricorn - and then I think - "Pisces or Scorpio" water signs.
What he did was full of emotional torment within him.
It is a nice concept, thinking of the motherís, of the two, mourning together, the passing or crossing of their suns.

Your last sentence reminds me of how we divide 30 degrees into decanates of 10 degrees, with each zodiacal element representative being assigned a section. When Pisces arrived, in the degrees 20 - 30, Scorpio would have been ruler of the segment. At Pisces leaving, it would be double Pisces.

Well, back to the star charts!
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