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Re: US - a Uranian Country

Blackbery, just to set a few things straight:

Slavery itself is a 6th house matter-- but from the perspective of the master, not the enslaved people.

Nobody is claiming that slavery originated in the US, or that it was somehow limited to the US in the 19th century.

Democrats are not Marxists. Marxists have their own political parties.

It makes no sense to condemn Kamala Harris for whatever her ancestors did. It does make sense to analyze the beliefs and actions of people directly involved in the founding of the USA, as per the thread topic.

The number of people, white or Black involved in the Underground Railroad was very small, relative to the population.

Both the US and Canada have horrible histories of their treatment of Native Americans (called First Nations in Canada.) I believe you are referring to the residential schools scandal, which has been at the forefront of Canada's conscience for some time now. The deceased children were not massacred by shamefully neglected.

Canada, as you know, never broke away from Britain, so whatever can be gleaned from Tim's chart probably wouldn't apply to Canada.

I absolutely agree on the importance of recognizing the Black soldiers in the Civil War.

The correct spelling is "Sibly" chart [no letter e.] I see you have it both ways.
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