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Re: US - a Uranian Country

Tim, I think you're re-inventing a fair bit of US history to fit your script. You've got a kind of Procrustean Bed into which facts get stretched or trimmed to fit.

And yes, I agree that the US is a Uranian country. But this can play out in multiple ways, as discussed in my previous posts.

So far as enslaved people were concerned, are you familiar with the infamous Dred Scott case of 1857?

Basically Scott was an enslaved man from the South, whose one-time master traveled extensively and took Scott to several states that abolished slavery. Scott claimed that living in a northern "free" state automatically granted him his freedom. His subsequent masters disagreed. Scott sued.

Scott's case eventually went to the Supreme Court, which ruled that (1) African Americans were not US citizens and had no rights as citizens to sue in a court of law. (2) Since slaves were legally defined as chattel property, the 5th Amendment protected slave holders' rights to keep African Americans enslaved regardless of the state or territory. (3) The Missouri Compromise separating free and slave states and territories was therefore declared unconstitutional.

The Dred Scott case infuriated abolitionists and was a major contributor to the Civil War.

[This material is all in Wikipedia and other basic history sources.]

Originally Posted by wilsontc View Post

While the issues discussed have changed over the years, the issue of individual rights vs. government security has ALWAYS been with the US. The issue of slavery is a case in point: while people in the North part of the US soon decided that ALL people had individual rights from God, slave owners in the South part of the US depended on government to ensure that slaves would always be secured to them. What is NOT mentioned in today's public school history in the US is the GREAT amount of freedom free blacks had in the North to develop themselves as they chose: there were pastors, business men, and politicians who were free and influential in their communities.
Tim, there was also a sizeable population of free Blacks in the South, but their situation in both regions was precarious. They could be kidnapped and sold back into slavery.

We just recently commemorated the centenary of the Tulsa, Oklahoma massacre of prosperous African Americans.

And don't forget Jim Crow laws. I grew up when the South was seriously segregated. Blacks faced all kinds of legal discrimination. This only began to change in the 1960s with the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act.

I grew up in a northern city where redlining was perfectly legal through the mid 1960s. Restrictive covenants excluding African Americans from subdivisions were perfectly legal. [See Lorraine Hansberry, A Raisin in the Sun, about a Black family in Chicago.]

Slavery was ALWAYS an issue in the US since it went DIRECTLY against the principles in the Declaration of Independence. Slavery was SO important in the US that eventually the US fought a WAR over it to WIPE IT OUT. NO OTHER COUNTRY felt so strongly about the issue of slavery that they thought it was important to go to war over. All of these are reasons for the prominence of Uranus (rebellion, freedom, security) in the house of relationships in the Cornwallis chart
Quite honestly, Tim, most Union soldiers did not believe they were fighting to give African Americans equal rights. They thought they were fighting to preserve the Union. Note that the Civil War began in 1861 was a response to the South's leaving the Union. The Emancipation Proclamation wasn't written until 1862.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the majority of Founding Fathers from the South lived and died as slave holders. You cannot just ignore this.

It's also interesting to see transiting Neptune square Jupiter and Venus during the "Roaring 20s". The fantasy and escapism of Neptune square Jupiter very well matches the fantasies of wealth that bloomed and died during this time. The Great Depression was the "hangover" from the long party of the "head in the clouds" 20s.

Continuing to look at this,

Possibly-- I have Jupiter square Neptune natally, and am pretty careful with my cash.
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