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While the issues discussed have changed over the years, the issue of individual rights vs. government security has ALWAYS been with the US. The issue of slavery is a case in point: while people in the North part of the US soon decided that ALL people had individual rights from God, slave owners in the South part of the US depended on government to ensure that slaves would always be secured to them. What is NOT mentioned in today's public school history in the US is the GREAT amount of freedom free blacks had in the North to develop themselves as they chose: there were pastors, business men, and politicians who were free and influential in their communities. Slavery was ALWAYS an issue in the US since it went DIRECTLY against the principles in the Declaration of Independence. Slavery was SO important in the US that eventually the US fought a WAR over it to WIPE IT OUT. NO OTHER COUNTRY felt so strongly about the issue of slavery that they thought it was important to go to war over. All of these are reasons for the prominence of Uranus (rebellion, freedom, security) in the house of relationships in the Cornwallis chart

It's also interesting to see transiting Neptune square Jupiter and Venus during the "Roaring 20s". The fantasy and escapism of Neptune square Jupiter very well matches the fantasies of wealth that bloomed and died during this time. The Great Depression was the "hangover" from the long party of the "head in the clouds" 20s.

Continuing to look at this,

Have you used astrocartography for this? Curious, to know if you have?
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