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Originally Posted by PurpleReign View Post

Thanks so much for taking the time to look at the chart! No, it doesnít involve legal matters, the field is business-related. I feel like my answers were okay, but it was a phone interview and I hate those - it was one constant ďumĒ after another throughout my answer while I was trying to formulate my thoughts. I definitely prefer face to face interviews. I had notes in front of me, though, so I guess that was a positive.

I donít think getting hired for a different position is an option, though. This is a professional position where you need to have the educational background and qualifications, so it isnít likely they wonít make an offer for this but give me something else.

Weíll see how it goes. Iím not keeping my hopes up because Iíve been nothing but disappointed before, but maybe the fact that Iím represented by Jupiter will be helpful to me

Thanks again!

We'll see where it goes. Could be that something you haven't accounted for is about to emerge, who knows? In the meantime please keep us updated.
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