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Re: i feel lost and i'm anxious

Originally Posted by crow View Post
I recently learned about the solar return stuff and read that having the sun in the 12th house can be bad? I don't really understand to be honest.
The main meaning of Sun in the solar return twelfth house, or a very packed solar return twelfth--and you have both--is the end of an era. Something in your life is finishing up.

Sometimes a lot of solar return twelfth house placements go along with lots of placements in the first. In that case, you'd be in the thick of the end of one era and the beginning of another, and you'd know it. But you don't have that this year. What you have is pretty solidly twelfth house. So, this is a time to focus on finishing whatever it is that you're finishing. This is a turning point in your life, but you probably aren't yet seeing what it's turning to. You probably will be seeing it by your next solar return.

Other twelfth house meanings could apply--isolation, for example--but that's simply reflecting what you're already experiencing. It's not causing a problem that didn't already exist.
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