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Re: depressing life

Originally Posted by time back View Post
Thanks really much all the members for the help that they didn't give.
While others threads with ridiculous issues have 3 pages or at least some replies.

Maybe i should open a more catchy thread the other time.
ashriia gave a wonderful interpretation and advice. Perhaps no one felt like they needed to add anything? I saw the thread but I read her response and knew she could handle it.

The 3+ page threads you see are not single chart analyses. Rarely will a single chart get so many replies because at some point the observations will become repetitive.

There's also the issue of people coming only for chart interpretations and not returning or even giving a real reply other than "thanks". People here want to encourage astrological learning, not just constantly give out readings. This becomes exhausting. I know astrologers who charge hundreds for what people here expect for free.

That said, since I have free time today, if you re-add your chart I will look at it and see if there is anything new I can spot.
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