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Aqua Moon square Uranus/traumatic birth/induced labour-bad relationship with mother?

Hello everyone,

I'm a new mom and also very new to astrology. I've just recently started looking into it, because I feel that my son is not really bonding with me. I've been looking for reasons for months now and whenever I try to talk to anyone about it, they just dismiss my concerns as being silly. At first I thought that my son's lack of attachment to me had to do with the way he came into the world. The birth was very complicated, it took very long, he and I both suffered a great deal, people pushed on my belly very aggressively and my baby was eventually pulled out mechanically. So I figured that he might unconsciously resent me for it, could that be?? Also, since labour was artificially induced, maybe he wasn't ready to come into the world at that moment? maybe he perceived me as having hurt him and having forced him out of the comfort of the womb? After birth we had no skin-to-skin contact and we were then separated for almost 20 hours. maybe he felt abandoned by me?

Then I started thinking about astrology and our signs. At the time I only knew about Sun signs and nothing else. Then I learned that there are also Moon signs, houses, aspects and all that. But now I wish I hadn't read about it at all, because it seems like everything in my son's chart points out to a bad relationship with the mother and this makes me terribly sad.

Sorry for the long introduction. I want to post my son's chart here, but I don't know how to do it. So I'll summarize: he's a Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon, Leo Ascendant. He has Scorpio in the fourth house and Moon square Uranus. I'm a Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon (I don't know much more because the exact time of my birth is unknown). Is there any chance for us to develop a strong, close bond? Will we have too many differences? What should I do and not do? I'm the very loving, smothering kind of mama and I fear that he'll want to keep me at a distance. I don't know how I would deal with that. I think I would be forever heartbroken.

If anyone has any advice for me from the astrological point of view, or maybe a similar birth experience that they could share, I will be very grateful. Thank you!

Edit: here's a link to my son's chart

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