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Very Pecular Uranus... help?

As you can see in my chart below, my Uranus is my chart ruler, being that Aquarius is on the cusp of my Ascendant. However, not only is it the chart ruler, it is also in rulership (Aquarius), it is also on the first degree of aquarius, placing it in the Aquarius duad aswell. It is also my oriental(guiding) planet, and furthermore it is making major aspects with conjunctions to Neptune and Mercury, while sextile Venus and Midheaven which are trine to eachother, meaning Uranus is conjunct my Venus/Midheaven midpoint. Am I the only one who thinks this Uranus is something else??
Any insight is appreciated. If it matters, I'm 20 years and moving to LA to pursue music in July; the hip-hop industry is booming. It is notable that I only live two hours away already from my hometown... I want to become a worldwide phenomenon/house hold name like Drake or Jay Z. If this aspiration has any specific correlation to my Uranus or any hidden gifts that would benefit me that I should know of I would really love to know. Thank you all for reading!
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