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Re: Will Joseph Kony be captured by 2013?

No, an unknown person who has no relation to the querent is the ASC. This is one of the few times the ASC becomes the quesitied instead of the querent as was said above by Aquarius358

Also, you can confirm this simply by looking at the horary. Regardless, in order for a horary to be valid, it MUST describe the situation.

So, here in the chart we could consider the following houses to be Kony by various rules:
12th - that's venus - hardly!
7th- that's Venus - hardly!
10th - that's Mercury - no
ASC - Mars - Kony is very Martial and, in the 10th - the public eye, famous or infamous, as it were.

I also want to point out that Mars is conjoin fixed star Zosma, in Leo, known for delfishness, immmorality and the ability to manipulate and use other people for selfish gain and immorality.

The Moon would co-significate Kony and it is joined to fixed star Alphard in the Hydra which describes a person of poisoned thinking.

If we use the ASC he then has Regulus on his 10th, showing his almost royal power, even if mis-used and Alphecca on the ASC describing one who is greatly successful in commerce, trade and is given preferencial treatment.

All this decribes Kony to a good degree.
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