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Re: Will Joseph Kony be captured by 2013?

Originally Posted by SagiCap View Post
Super question.

I have to search more - I wonder if we should take him as Venus 7th ruler for "known enemy". I don't see that signifactor fitting him as Venus in Taurus. I guess any of the Bin Ladin or Qaddafi horaries should be good examples.
No, I don't think you'd take the 7th. This is an example of the type of question where you take 1 ruler for the 'fugitive' - because he's unknown to the querent personally. Mars as 1 ruler is in the 10th - out in the 'open' now.

I'd say that on two counts the chart indicates a 'yes' -

- Venus 12 ruler of prisons at 01Taurus applies to trine Mars 1 ruler in 12 degrees.
- Moon (also the signifier of the fugitive) applies to sextile Saturn in the 12th of prisons in 1 deg (or a little less actually.) ___
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