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Re: Did I make a total fool of myself?

Hey everyone

I know this is a dusty old thread but as it is horary and time has passed, things have happened that show how accurate and interesting some of your comments were.

I did the horary when I was in acute humiliation mode because of a badly botched audition. I could tell that the director and writer were embarrassed for me which is not a good feeling. As Radu pointed out, Algol on the midheaven showed serious loss of face. But several people pointed to parts of the chart that showed that I might have suited the piece despite my audition. Also, Cassanra thought I might pick up some work because I was in the sixth.

Well, I did get a part in the play. Since we are workshopping it as it's being written, no parts were distributed. However, as the play developed, about a third of the lines turned out to be mine. Also, I got extra work because the theater company got a grant to work with the schools, they wanted someone from the cast -- there's six of us -- to run a workshop. I'm a dancer so the director thought I'd be a natural for a creative movement class. Also, I may end up costuming the play. Those last two are definitely sixth house from my way of thinking -- I make money costuming but it's not exactly a 10th house for me as I don't even want it as a career.

Anyway, it helped me a lot to see how I could still read an early ascendant. Obviously, the director had to know me for a while before she felt comfortable with me.

Anyway, thanks for all your input.


P.S. As a purely non-astrological aside, it was good to learn that completely humiliating myself in front of someone didn't mean that I could never look that person in the eye again. And yes, she thought I did a pretty bad (dreadful) audition piece but she's seen that before.
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