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Re: Did I make a total fool of myself?

Sorry for the inconvenience, guys. I voice not to read the chart because the chart has an Ascendant that is too early to see a complete outcome, a VOC Moon to add to an early Ascendant (so it being too early to tell would be the conclusion, don't you think?), and on top of everything "Did I act like a fool?" it sort of an improper question to ask.

A better one to ask would be "Will I book the theater job I was interviewed for?" and bring up some background and details for the question as you already have.

So I think to get a clearer outcome that's less heavy and negative to you because the chart and question are both vague, don't read the chart with the purpose of not putting negativity in your mind and just ask it again at a later date.


archergirl :cheers:
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