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Re: Did I make a total fool of myself?

Interestingly you are in the 6th house of details, co-workers, health. The moom is void sort of as it in very late degrees and is with in orb or you also ruler of 10th house public. Mercury, you is in the very serious sign of saturn and saturn and mercury are in mutual reception.
I guess you might be taking this very seriously
Mercury is almost conjunct the fateful degree I would suspect quite close if we used a different program.
I would say it is a little early to tell but something is about to change. Saturn rules the 5th, ruler of theatres, pleasures, chance and saturn is in your house so I suspect that it did not go as badly as you think.
Venus, the ruler of the public image is in the 8th of loss so it is possible you have lost some face.
It is in interesting chart. I am wondering if you might pick up some work there as you are in the 6th house
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