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Re: RULERSHIP - DETRIMENT aka EXILE also EXALTATION & FALL an in-depth exploration

Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
For those exploring concept of "essential dignities" in astrology
looking in-depth at the categories of rulership and detriment or exile
as well as exaltation and fall or depression.
also explores common misconceptions about planetary dignities, along the way


Can you at least summarize? Not everyone can afford the luxury of wasting an hour and 40 minutes of their life on a hack video.

There's only three dignities: domicile, exaltation and fall.

It's not my fault the silly Greeks were too stupid to understand why the bodies are domiciled where they are.

It's not my fault the idiot Greeks were too stupid to understand why the bodies are exalted where they are, and as a consequence of the reason why they're exalted, they're in fall in the opposite sign.

Then the moronic Greeks were stupid enough to thin that if a body is in fall in the sign opposite exaltation a body must be "harmed" by being opposite it's domicile.

It's not my fault people are dumb enough to drink their Kool-aid.

There's a reason why Sun is exalted in Aries. Would you like to guess why?

I'll give you a hint: something happens in March. Yeah, it has to do with Spring.

Would you like to guess why Sun is in fall in Libra?

I'll give you a hint: what happens 6 months/signs after Aries?

Yeah, it's Fall. 'Tis the Season.

Every body is exalted in the sign it is for similar reasons.

Still waiting for you to post even one chart proving Sun is in detriment in Aquarius.

Are you going to do that while we're all still young, or do you plan on waiting until we're all dead?
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