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Re: Understanding The Moon In Libra

[QUOTE=kshantaram;1014232] placidus chart :

moon libra towards its sign of debilation scorpio,
sociable, objective-just, wavery mind,
prone to stormy anger when provoked;
circulatory health issues - kidneys etc,
wear pearl over silver pendant touching heart;

moon 11th libra, gains from
social psychology-teaching, public relations, motherly women, govt;
moon lord 8th giving sudden gains;

rahu NNode sag 12th for foreign lands, hyper-ambitious n impulsive,

gemini 7th inimical-malefic for sag asc,
stress-delays in marriage-vocation;
mer lord 7th over 11th, gains through marriage/business partners;

ketu separative SNode gemini 6th, hyper-analytical, job separations,
coping with opponents,
pain-injury-surgery chest-lungs-arms-shoulders-ears-hips-intestinals etc;
prayers to Christ, offer red flowers at alter at home wed mornings;

stellium scorpio with sun, magnetic personality,
secretive, suspicious, sentimental, sarcastic, passionate;
research-occult-forensic management/advisory aptitudes;
urological-feet health issues, inflammations, etc;

jup-sat-ketu now transit cap 2nd,
detachment from family-finances,
earnings in distant lands,
pain-injury-surgery throat-thyroid-teeth-knees etc

hope inputs relevant, do promptly ack n share how true-insightful,
traits-talens-health-life trends-remedies-ideas etc etc

wishing well, kshantaram
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