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Re: Understanding The Moon In Libra

Originally Posted by Mister Skeleton View Post
You were pretty close with the Pluto, hahaha. I'll attach the chart, though I'm also looking to understand purely the Libra sign a lot more.
Yes - a libra moon under a scorpio venus is a "different number ".

I am sorry - I cannot be of more help with this chart - as I never work with whole sign houses - only with placidus houses - my whole long astrological life long.

Originally Posted by Mister Skeleton View Post
Note* One thing I nearly forgot to ask. They say that Libra has an association with art (so traditional fine arts like painting, drawing, sculpting) but other sources say that they're good at design, decorating and fashion and matching colors but not so good at traditional fine arts. Can anyone help me figure this out? I'm confused.

not consequently and not in general - libra is also trade as business and profession and skill for money income (in second house).

But In aspect with neptune in first quarter - libra moon gets creative and flowing with all kind of arts. And in aspect with uranus with art of very special and individual non-standard and non-conventional kind of art.

Especially special as your sag AC is ruled by jupiter on special sensitive spiritual sparkflame energy point of zero degree scorpio. You have been born with a spiritual task with - you intend to push through in this life. To be a mediator between two worlds - the visible and the invisible world.

For skills, talents and gifts your are born with - you have to look into 2nd house- ruler and sign. What talents and gifts you have additionally inherited from bloodline ancestors - look into 8th house - sign and ruler of.For personal capability of creativity - look into 5th house- sign and ruler.

But for this individual purpose and to better look on that - I feel whole sign houses not the best - but this is only from my experience - others might see it different and as perfect good functioning as well.

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