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Re: Understanding The Moon In Libra

Originally Posted by Mister Skeleton View Post
Hey there. I'd like to ask for some help regarding this placement I have in my chart. I've been interested in learning how to nurture myself emotionally (so, self-soothing, self-care, I think you get the idea), and for some time I've been trying out different things to see what gives me emotional comfort. I've decided to do a bit of digging around to understand this placement better for that reason, so I can understand this placement better as well as myself better.

Hi Mr. Skeleton,

In my opinion ....what a moon in libra likes most at first is to be liked by other people and to avoid any disharmony from the first moment

Originally Posted by Mister Skeleton View Post
I know everyone's different, but I'm trying out different things to get to know myself better (nothing wrong with that, right?)
In fact moon in libra is a "smartie constellation" (with venus/moon correspondence) people like as sympathic - if it is doubled and additionally placed in 2nd house - or in 7th house and not hard aspected. My husband has a libra moon and there aren't many people who dislike him.

How to feed a libra moon depends on individual needs this moon has with house he is placed in and what house he rules. A libra moon is first of all a window of perception and the personal special focus on - the where on - is told by house moon himself is in.

If moon doesn't rule 4th house he is not about emotions. Emotional identification is always shown by sign and ruler of 4th house.

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