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Fell in love, Capricorn moon/venus and need insights.

Struggling to get a chart on here. I have moon 20 degrees Capricorn in the 3rd house(met her locally) and venus 28 degrees Capricorn. Pluto has passed over my natal Moon, Saturn retrograding over it. It built very slowly, locally, and snuck up on me, plus she's older(seems to fit with Capricorn) It seems like it's gone back and forth and been very distant but just lately we talked a lot and I fell for her. It's gone back and forth with quite a lot of shyness on both our parts. Is transit Pluto and Saturn in capricorn passing between natal moon and venus in capricorn harsh? Would it constitute a hard time over this love? I'm 38 and never been so in love and it took a long while.
Saturn is supposed to kick your **** and then pay off, right? I also have saturn in libra 11th House, in mutual reception with venus in capricorn. Do these natal planets suggest a long game, hard attained love? Just that it's one of those under your nose, took a while things that has hit me strongly. Will the transits cause turmoil, reward? I'm very curious.

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