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Re: Lack of compromise

Originally Posted by Chillaxer View Post
I have the Aqua/Leo nodes, although the other way round(Aqua 3rd SN and Leo 9th NN)

South node in Leo 7th may suggests you look to authority figures, stars or individuals, or powerful people in your life exert control, whilst wanting to shine or to make individualist achievements, this doesn't work so well. North Node in Aquarius in the 1st suggests trying to trust in your own approach and also focusing more on humanitarian or collective ambitions(science, invention for example) So, it's a balance of individualism and collectivism. The approach is more collectivist with Aquarius North Node, but the realm of life is more personal and individualist, with the first house. Leo 7th tends to look to charismatic figures and maybe be caught in trying somehow to emulate them, Aqua 1st will trust themselves and their approach yet use individual talent make a collectivist contribution, ie science, humanitarianism, Aqua themes. This will feed into your sense of self.

Make any sense, or am I off the mark?

Oh, I keep repeating this to people, but it really is useful to get the part of fortune, it's very informative. It's on extended chart selection.

thanks for your answer Chillaxer :alegre:

You are not wrong, I feel that every time I want to start something I want to do it alone, but I feel that I can not .. so I need help from others, capable of lack of confidence in myself, fear, etc. The problem is I do not finish everything I start, one day I like and the other does not .. I feel that I do not find something that I like completely .. always half.

The fortune is at house V geminis
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