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Re: Life Torment

Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in the 2nd suggest health issues with the body, as (possibly)do the Aries planets in the 6th, however Aries in the 6th suggests a strong constitution. For me, I have a nightmare with that Sag 2nd house, but I think with time you get past it. These planets can all suggest early problems thought, they don't have top be long term.

South node Virgo in the 11th is consistent with this- a crisis of health and being seeming to scupper your dreams. The good news is that whilst the north node usually takes longer to get to, and overcoming what seems 'innate' it shows your direction of travel if you cultivate it. With North Node in Pisces in the 5th, compassion for future generations or your own kids could be a good indication of direction, whilst overcoming your own health issues. Oh yeah, it also possibly says something about the healing power of water and swimming.

It would be very useful to know the part of fortune, I think this is a very important part of the chart.
I think it may be Gemini in the 8th, can't be sure. This would suggest a flexible curiosity and research/fact finding approach to your own power and healing could help a lot.

Oh and and with 8th and 2nd house rulers in the 6th, in Aries, using resources for pioneering approaches to diet and excercise could help in transformation. With that Gemini 8th I'm thinking that you need to look to a proactive approach in making joint connections with healing as a focus. Eighth is also a surgery house, so if this is an issue, if the part of fortune is here then surgery could be an area that helps you.

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