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I think it could be because of Mars in Gemini. Mars represents our drive, willpower, and passion. So when Mars is in Gemini, it can be unfocused and scattered. People with these placement can get bored easily. However, they can be powerful when they are doing a lot of interesting things. They also like activities where they use their hands, so it makes sense that you would be attracted to musical instruments, photography, etc.

You also have Mars in 5th house, the house of creativity and hobbies. This means that you do have a lot of energy and passion directed towards creative activities (and athletic ones too, with this placement), but it seems like because of the Gemini, that passion switches on and off.

Your 5th house is also on the cusp of Taurus, meaning that hobbies and activities that engage the senses for you (hear, see, touch, smell, etc.) are really good for you. Based on this and the Gemini, it seems like you crave an intensity of experience and stimulation, and so when an activity does not feel intense enough for you, you get bored.

The Mars sextile Jupiter also shows that you get restless and are prone to boredom. But you have Mars trine Midheaven, which is a sign of a hard worker. So based on this, it is not laziness preventing you from getting more deeply committed in activities, it is just that you get easily bored and seem to want more intensity.

You also have Sun in 10th house, which indicates an urge to work and commit yourself towards goals and accomplishments, so it's definitely not laziness. Making specific goals to strive towards can help you. You also have Mercury and Venus in 10th house too, which are usually good placements for attaining success, at least at work. And they're all in Scorpio, which indicates an intensity.

You also have Leo Jupiter in 7th house, so what may help motivate and commit you is if you work with other people or do these activities with other people. The problem could be that you feel alone when you do these activities by yourself, and that can be demotivating for you. You may wish to share your activities. Leo Jupiter could also mean that you would be a good leader, so maybe you would be most passionate about a creative group activity that you are leading. Your 10th house is on a Libra cusp and your midheaven is Libra too, so that may indicate that you like careers that are creative and social. You have a Pisces moon too, which is highly creative and imaginative.

If Pluto is transitting in your first house, I think that could transform how you feel about yourself or a part of your appearance. I am still an amateur at transits and reading birth charts, so I cannot guarantee complete accuracy. However, I hope this helps! Let me know if it does or if you have any questions about it.

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