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Re: Life Torment

With Ascendant Scorpio this is Anxiety, Stress, intensity. A lot to do with your identity and how you feel about yourself. You may be warring with yourself with negative criticism from the external world. Scorpio is sometimes affiliated with Introversion sometimes, but not all the time. You may be withdrawing into yourself with deep emotions, deep feelings, and deep thoughts. Pisces adds to the depth of emotion and feeling. They’re both emotion, water, overly sensitive, and get hurt easily by other individuals.
Aries Moon is emotion. It’s also the head. And can be like acne, or sores, rashes, or different things to the face. Like I cut my chin twice, had an eye operation, hit my head on the sink last year, cut it open on the side of the eye. I have Aries in Chiron. It is also fire and Mental. So this may mean your mental a lot with activity.
For example, I read a lot, educate myself, theories, philosophies, my mind likes being stimulated with mental activity.
Jupiter is expansive so it can make things be blow out of proportion in thoughts.
You’re sun is in Aquarius which is Uranus. This is Air. Which is kind of being a genius, intelligence, insight, a lot of thinking, And Gemini in Chiron is Mercury to lower octave of messages, communicating, and thinking.
You didn’t say what your health issues are, but I would say with Aries Moon and Jupiter in your 6th house it may have to do with thinking patterns and emotional patterns. We make habits with our thoughts and emotions.
If you’re worrying all the time, overthinking, deep thinking, catastrophe thinking, black and white thinking, it can take its toll on your physical, emotional, mental health.
You may want to find some relaxation techniques and methods to help you learn to let go of negative thoughts, and exchange them for more healthier thoughts. Also make a regular routine of using your mind in a healthier way every day by reading, writing, doing some kind puzzles, problem solving skills, playing chess, or word puzzles to stimulate your mind and direct your thoughts in a positive direction.
I keep my mind busy all the time. It’s something to work on every day and learning to discipline the mind and emotion.
Physical health always must do with your mind and emotions. As a former nurse aide, I can tell you that my clients health was based on their emotions and mental activities. Sometimes they did art projects, music, reading, dancing, fitness, and it’s the same thing for you.
Do what you can handle each day. Eat healthy and live a balanced life. You may have to make a schedule, be organized, and find assistance from someone who can give you support if you have physical ailments.
Scorpio and Aries is also the solar plexus area. Where you may feel helpless or powerless. And not asserting your authentic truth. It’s how we bounce on the earth, entrepreneur, be creative, work, play, and have fun. If you’re giving away your personal power it can make you feel to deep in emotion and feeling. Perhaps tired and fatigued. Not wanting to move out of bed.
This may be about setting personal boundaries with other individuals, knowing your emotions and thought separate from other individuals in the environment.
If you lean towards the Introversion, you will have to force yourself to not isolate yourself from everyone and find emotional and mental support from friends and family. It’s important to find individuals to connect with and interact with because also gives you encouragement and lifts you up.
What resources in your community can you find that will give you social interaction or emotional and mental support. Activities, Groups, and bring more enjoyment to your life.

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