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Re: Indications that this is the native’s last incarnation

Edgar Cayce the prophet of the last century, told us of at least 14 souls who didn't have to return here again, but it would be their choice if they chose to. The point being, they didn't have to, their cycle was complete.

When his son and grandson saw these readings, some of the people they knew rather well over the years from coming to the Va. Beach.

None seemed to be of "that caliber", meaning, not what you'd expect at all. Some were impatient, some were downright nasty at times, all had human flaws of one sort or another.

I decided to do their natal chart having all the times of birth and I agree with them. Not what one might expect.

Last time I did the charts on another forum, a few Vedic Astrologers were very interested, and I think they found some kind of similarity.

Bottom line, is you cannot tell from one individual's birth chart, what their soul has achieved.

You fool yourselves, imo.

note: If anyone is truly interested in knowing these charts you can always PM me for where they can be seen.
Some kindle eBooks on the subject of astrology, fixed stars and critical degrees. PM me for details...

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