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Re: A yod

I'm finding that there is a LOT on the internet now, that speaks of the differences between the Golden Yod and the Regular Yod:

Here is an interesting article, full of charts based on harmonics:

A Quintile Yod (orange lines) is a planet (or a significant point – the North Node isn’t a planet per se) at the far midpoint between two planets Quintile to one another, or one fifth of the way round the circle from one another. The Quintile is about learning and teaching, so a Quintile Yod represents a “Learning Opportunity,” and unfortunately carries some of the Challenging connotation of that term.

A Septile Yod (light green lines) is a planet or other hot spot at the far midpoint between two planets that are Septile to one another, or one seventh of the way round the Zodiac. The Septile is about Timing the Use of Power, so a Septile Yod represents a graduate seminar in the subject. We don’t usually think in terms of Timing when we think about Power, but it’s critical. In Physics it’s Resonance – the way vibrations reinforce or cancel one another. In Pedagogy it’s the Teachable Moment, when what you have to say can actually be heard.

Quintile because the planets are separated by one fifth (and two fifths) of the Zodiac. The Quintile Family (Fifth Harmonic) is about Learning and Teaching. The curriculum here comprises Coming into Awareness (Mercury), Soul (Uranus), and Expanding our Consciousness into Respect for All Things (Hopi-Hera – Hera is the Greek equivalent of Juno)

In Astro-Manda's blog,(tropical natal chart) we see the young woman (then a student) named Malala - (who rec'd the Nobel Peace Prize) for her heroics. She stood up to the Taliban, who shot her and critically injured.
Malala has Sun, Jupiter and North Node forming a Yod with Jupiter at the apex = suggesting she will have fame (fated fame) and be protected (via Jupiter) as her Sun is at the Apex of this Yod.

Solar Arc Uranus & Pluto seem to have been the triggers for the shooting! (see chart)

Jupiter and Sun, a combo that usually bestows success and certain kind of protection

Here is the natal chart for James Foley, a photojournalist in Syria, who was there personally, trying to help the citizens. - He was assassinated by ISIS terrorists -

James (a Catholic School - & college grad), was born with an unusual 3 YODS:
Some kindle eBooks on the subject of astrology, fixed stars and critical degrees. PM me for details...

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