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Re: A yod

Usually with the natal charts we erect, especially so at astrodienst site, they use a broken green line of the "skinny triangle", which points to the planets connected via the Yod.

I've seen some with the green broken-double lines, closely connected. Since my Uranus in the 11th (air house, air planet in Gemini), is cj. my NN, I suppose I might suggest that my North Node is also part of a Yod with Mercury (which conj. my Sun in the other Yod), and Pluto.

Any way I look at them, it comes back to "fated" life to suffer I suppose for a purpose. The article speaks of breaking a generational upset in a long family line, and I can see where this was so for me, and even for Diana who is part of the Yod family. I hadn't thought of the connections to a family history before I read this article. but now can see it easily enough. I was the first in my Roman Catholic family to divorce after a very short time. I was the first to come out of the closet (so to speak), about sex abuse. I was the first to rebel in so many ways and always the first to do so.

In her own way, so was Diana rebelling against the Crown of the married into family, as well as her childhood problems which tore at her soul.

Maybe we "should" feel better knowing it was all fated. But I don't think any of us do, as it is simply more "explained" in the stars and planets, i.e. the cosmos.
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