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Where is the garage door remote control?

Last night my husband and I went out to dinner, and we went with my car.
When we returned I don't recall but he says I opened the remote controlled gate and garage door, with the remote that was in my car.
This morning, I can't find it anywhere.
I've looked again in the car, in my handbag, in the place I usually put the car keys and remote.
So, where is the remote control?

Not sure of this, but I believe the remote control for the garage is a 2nd house matter, as part of my belongings.
Ruled by mars, who is in the 7th, so my husband should have the remote.
He is ruled by mercury, about to conjunct mars in one degree, in a mutable sign, so he should find it in a day?
Mercury also rules the 4th of end of the matter.
Mars approaches a trine to Uranus in the 2nd house.
Moon in the 10th in a mutable sign also favours a rapid recovery.
Moon separates from a square to Neptune, my co-significator in the ascendent, so I somehow was responsible, by confusion or illusion. Also it was midnight, perhaps by sleepy dreaming?
Moon however will now sextile Jupiter, my other co-significator, from the midheaven (south) to Jupiter in 12th (west?), in Aquarius of air so high up somewhere, and the object coming back to me?
This aspect completes in 4 degrees, so perhaps 4 days?
The cusp of the 2nd house will change in 2 degrees.
Can I have some help, and correction or confirmation on this?
Thank you.
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