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Re: Read my Chart

Originally Posted by Emily56 View Post
Thank you Harmelia!

It makes alot of sense. There is alot to think about. I wonder if lilith conjunct venus and mars would make me very "b*tchy" in relationships. I avoid relationships because of this... I do not want to disappoint.


I don't know. It depends upon what makes you that way. Virgo Moon can have exceptionally high standards and feel like others aren't good enough for them. Virgo Moon can be critical of others. If that's what you mean, then I would blame Virgo Moon. Also, you have Mercury in Aries and Aries can be VERY direct, honest to a fault - and minces no words. Not everyone likes that. Trust me, I have Mercury and Mars in Aries too. Actually, any sign or planet has capacity to be b-tchy - just over different things.

Many people with a lot of Aries and the more independent signs, tend not to be in long-term relationships. That's because independent people just don't need them as much. We may want them, but not actually need them. When push comes to shove, independent types would rather have their freedom than the comfort of company that feels inhibiting in any way. So, we are less likely to compromise - or want to compromise - which is necessary for lasting relationships.

Independent placements in your chart include, Mercury, Mars, and Venus in Aries, Jupiter in Aquarius, Uranus in Sag, and Saturn in the first. That's quite a lot. Then you have no planets in the two highly relational signs - Leo and Libra.

I am an independent type - and it took me years to realize that I'm actually perfectly happy alone. I have friends. It's enough. I love my solitude. Culture says there must be something wrong with you if you aren't married or don't want children or want to devote yourself 100% to a career. But people are not all the same. Some of us are here to focus on other things and needlessly suffer these cultural judgements.

Not saying you won't or can't have a relationship that lasts. Some independent types find a way - probably if just the right person comes along. I'm just saying, it's harder to come by when you're independent and have high standards.
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