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Re: forensic psychology

Originally Posted by santama View Post
Hi people,

I am finishing my degree in Clinical Psychology right now and I've always been interested in Forensic Psychology but never had the chance to try it out. I've applied for a job in Forensic Psychology work and I've got the job! I am very happy since this will be my first job after graduating and it will be exciting for sure! Originally I've wanted to work with children but I am doing that for a long time now and I feel I need a new challenge. I am not sure yet if I want to stay in that field but I want to try it out. I have a big interest in it and I feel I need this excitement and passion in a job to not die from boredom. On the other side, I am sensitive, too. But sometimes I feel I can fit in almost any role that I want. What do you think looking at my chart and this vocation? Could it be a good fit?

Thank you for your thoughts <3

If you are passionate about forensic psychology - got a degree in it - and now have an exciting first job - why would you question it? Many people are able to enjoy a number of careers, and they do one, and then they do another one later. Your Saturn in Pisces is probably what gives you the ability to play any number of roles. But, you probably wouldn't be happy in all of them. My guess is - that you will enjoy doing different things in your life, because Saturn is the ruler of your whole chart - and it's in Pisces in the 2nd house. A lot of actors have a strong Pisces placement because of the fact that Pisces is good at feeling other people's energy and the actor then can use that to play them in a role. Other signs also contribute. Scorpio and Cancer - the other water signs can be quite sensitive - but so can Libra and Leo.

Capricorn rising - I bet you can work very hard and love every minute of it. And you'll be serious - you'll take your work seriously. You'll be creative as well - intuitive. As far as forensic psychology goes - yes - I see it in your chart. Scorpio will like to dig and investigate - and it rules your 10th house of career. Pluto is also in Scorpio in the 10th - the modern ruler of your 10th house. Scorpio is very psychologically-oriented. Mars, the traditional ruler of your Scorpio MC - is in Scorpio's house - the 8th house. But it is along with Chiron in Leo in the 8th - which gives me a little pause.

The thing is, your South Node past life symbol is in Gemini, 5th. It's not on your chart, but the South Node is always opposite the North Node, which you do have. The South Node points to a problem, just as Chiron does - and they point to a problem with your self-identity. There's a sense of not knowing who you truly are. In that past life, you were super super SUPER sensitive in your close relationships. You might have some emotional baggage to work through from the past life. You feel other people's energies very keenly - and it's possible that you sometimes have a hard time telling who's energy it is - yours or theirs. You probably have really thin boundaries. People who are sensitive and also have Capricorn strong in their charts - tend to take too much responsibility for how others feel - and help too much, give too much. This is probably your concern.

Well, depending upon the nature of the clients you have - or the criminals you are analyzing - I'd say you will need to have some pretty strong boundaries if you don't want to wrestle with their feelings and energies. And you will also probably want to help them rather than work toward conviction - but - that I don't know for sure. Maybe you can draw the line well. Your sensitivity could most certainly be an advantage, if you can stand feeling them - and separate out you from them. Doing this job will probably make you work on having stronger boundaries - for sure.

Really - I can see why you are excited - and why you wonder about your sensitivity. The sensitivity will be your strength and your weakness all at the same time - so it'll be interesting to see how you handle it. Certainly, it is an opportunity to grow and explore how to set strong boundaries when you want and need them - if you haven't already.

I think it's a great job for you - and I'd imagine there are all kinds of opportunities in the field - that you could explore. Congratulations, and good luck!
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