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Re: Read my Chart

Originally Posted by Emily56 View Post
Here is my chart. Would anyone like to read it?
(There are certain things I seem to have less capacity to grasp such as the position of lilith conjunct my descendant ruler venus and what impact this could have on marriage.)

Thank you,

Hi Emily!
I'm reading your most recent chart with the hospital time. Like Zora, I don't read the asteroids. I think of them as ornaments. They don't add anything new to what the planets say - but they elaborate a bit - like adjectives. I certainly do not give an asteroid the same weight as a planet.

There's a lot of independence in your chart with 3 personal planets in Aries - Mars, Mercury, and Venus. Also your South Node Past life is conjunct Saturn in the 1st house - Aries's house. Mars is the traditional ruler of your ASC and your whole chart. So, independence is a big theme. Aries people need a lot of autonomy and freedom to follow their own impulses and ideas. Aries is a wonderful idea person.

The Scorpio South Node and Saturn suggest you are quite attached to your freedom and privacy. Scorpio is about bonding - what you are bonded to - and in the first house - it is independence - the right to be one's own person.

But in contrast to this - you have a Pisces Sun in the 4th and Scorpio rising - both water signs - and quite empathic. Many people with a Pisces IC - 4th house cusp of home and family - have enmeshment issues - or thin boundaries. They feel what other people feel. Sometimes they have trouble telling who is feeling what. What can happen is that people with "thin" boundaries end up feeling responsible for other people, because they feel what they feel and want to help them - and at the same time - help themselves.

Scorpio rising also is a natural psychologist. Scorpio's just "get" people, even without training. They are tuned in to psychological dynamics - or can be. With Saturn conjunct the South Node (it's not shown on your chart, but it is always opposite the North Node) you would take responsibility for others. You'd take charge. You'd want to help.Then you have a Virgo Moon in the 10th - and Virgo is a lot like Capricorn and Saturn - they also want to help. Virgo in fact, puts others first big time. It's all about that - often at their own expense.

Your Sun in Pisces is very sensitive in Pisces and the 4th house of home and family. I bet family is very important to you - and you might be a creative parent - if you are one. If you aren't focused on family, then you might be focused on self-nurture or the nurturing of others in a career. That would be 4th house too. The 4th house could be a career in real estate. maybe you will enjoy working at home. You might have artistic interests you do at home.

The North Node is a balance to the South Node. It's just saying that you need to work on equality in the way you relate to those close to you. The 7th house is the house of all one-on-one relationships - spouses, friends, business partners, clients, patients, students - people who you interact with intimately. Taurus doesn't go deep like Scorpio does. Taurus has social graces - it likes harmonious relating - and can actually prefer to have shallow, social interactions. It's the opposite of Scorpio - and these two can balance each other very nice. It's a good sign to have in the 7th to help with equalizing relationships.

Chiron in Gemini in the 7th might actually mean that you take on a teaching type role with people. Maybe you talk too much or dominate the conversation - or perhaps - you talk too little - or maybe it just depends on who you're talking with. Gemini is about communication - listening and speaking - perceiving and verbalizing what you perceive. Chiron says there's a problem with how you do Gemini in 7th - so there's something that you need to revise - the way you communicate with others. I'm thinking it may have something to do with the way you feel responsible for others or the way you want to always help.

It's interesting to me that Jupiter and Uranus are in mutual reception. They rule each other's sign. I'm wondering if you tend to think in terms of right-wrong, good-bad, either/or - a Sagittarius trait - so that when you are helping others, you are giving advice. You could come across as knowing what's best to others. This also could be a communication difficulty - if this is true. I don't know that it is true - only that it is a possibility.

Anyway, this is what comes to mind when I read your chart.
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