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Originally Posted by Harmelia View Post
I had to bring up your transits and progressions on my personal computer - because we don't predict anything by looking at the natal - at least - not much. Astrology is actually not good a prediction even though people want it to be.

In 2015, your progressed Sun crossed your ASC. The timing may be off a little if you birth time is off a little - but somewhere between 4-6 years ago, I bet you began feeling a change is coming. Crossing into the first house is a new beginning of some kind. So, means that something needed to end. I don't know what has needed to end and what has needed to begin though. Some people get divorced and begin anew. Others have new insights that give a significant insight whcih leads to new directions. Some people change jobs or move.

If you are feeling you need to develop a new skill that is helpful to others, that would make sense to me. You may feel a need to analyze yourself more - to understand and discover new parts of yourself. There is a little conflict going on between your private self - what you want and need - with what you want to do in the world. The best of all worlds would be to find something that totally fulfills you personally but is also something that impacts the world. So the answer to that - I bet you know . . . perhaps it is taking your writing to a new level?
Can't remember anything of significance in 2015. But gradually it came to a point where I was elected reprezentativne od workers on May company by a large majority and won two prizes for my work.

But yes, I would need another step but this is not possibke under current leadership od the company I work for.

Is iz possible to know what are the chances for a change whether it would be a change of leadership or me changing positions or a company?
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