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Re: Eating disorder in my chart

In medical astrology the 4th house rules the stomach.

Pluto sitting there right on your IC is one indicator. Pluto rules things that are under the surface but that come out in an eruptive way. (Volcanoes and vomiting are two examples.)

Pluto squares your sun, which I think is a really hard aspect. Sun-Virgo people can be worry-warts to begin with, and the Pluto square contributes a lot of inner tension. You've got a couple of T-square in your chart, which aren't helping in the Stress Department.

But you've also got some planetary assets: sun-Mercury in mutual reception (intelligence,) domiciled Uranus, domiciled Jupiter. With Jupiter sextile Neptune pointing to Venus-Mercury as the tip of a "yod" formation, I think you have artistic talent, probably in one of the performing arts. Creative visualization and having a creative outlet (like playing a musical instrument) to release tensions should help. If performing in front of others would increase your anxiety, just do this for yourself-- your "me" time.

Would you please post your Astrodienst chart again showing Ceres? It's in the lower left corner of that Astrodienst chart construction page, in a scroll down menu.

Ceres is a dwarf planet (formerly classified as an asteroid) that may be relevant to eating disorders when in a hard aspect.. (Ceres-Saturn for anorexia, Ceres-Pluto for bulimia.)

Your second chart doesn't show Ceres' degree, but it sure looks like it opposes Pluto. Kind of a "bingo!" moment for PLuto-Ceres.

I hope you are in medical care for your condition.
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