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Originally Posted by Harmelia View Post
Interesting question. Are you talking about physical labor or are you educated with a professional career but working long hours because you work for yourself? Or something else? It's best to have a better idea of what your situation actually is to be able to respond specifically.

The ruler of your chart is Moon - in Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign - and does like to work. It likes analysis, research, sciences, medicine, teaching . . . it is organized, detailed-oriented, and is a thinker - it likes to understand. On the negative, it can be self-doubting and self-critical, fussy, worried, anxious, compulsive. It could make you insecure or overly responsible for other people.

Sun is in Aries but in 10th - so you have another image of being responsible for others. Pluto and Chiron are in Sag in the 6th house - so that's Virgo's natural house - another work house - along with the 10th - so - you are evolving the way you work or feel responsible for others.

My guess is that you do in fact, have this feeling of responsibility - and maybe you put other people first - despite your Aries Sun. If you do put others first and it is at your own expense, you will need to find a way to draw a healthy line between what you really want to do for others and what you'd rather say NO to. If you help others or work hard because you'd feel guilty if you don't, you'll have to be willing to feel guilty when you say NO. The guilt goes away eventually - but - when people are motivated by not wanting to feel guilty - then, there is a period of time that you will feel guilty when you begin doing things for yourself or doing what you want when you want to.

If you don't want to work long hours - then you have to decide not to - and make changes in your life so that you accomplish this goal. My guess is that you need to decide what is truly important to you.
Thank you for the response! I think it was made obvious by the phrasing, but, yes physical labor, and the reason is money. Not extra money, as in "trying to make enough to live" money. I am in a master's program but not graduated so not educated yet, assuming you're referring to formal education.

I assure you saying no is not a problem 😅. I do try to consider other people in my decisions, but only insofar as it doesn't cause harm to them. Beyond that, I think everyone is responsible for themselves. If I wanted to be responsible for someone I would just adopt a kid.

As a general observation, I thought this was a primarily traditionalist forum? There's a whole lot of love for the outer planets 😅.
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