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Re: Is there any chance at an easier life?

Your main benefic, Jupiter is combust with the Sun. This is not good, though it is strengthened by being in the 10th house. This leaves Venus to point to any ease in your life. With Libra on the 4th house, you might consider a career in real estate or something along those lines. With the Sun ruling your second house of finances and the Sun exalted in Aries, as well as the North Node being there, I get the sense you're supposed to be independent in running some kind of business for yourself. Mars, your ruler of the 10th house career matters is in the 5th house in its domicile Scorpio but it is retrograde which probably gives you the intense desire to just have fun. Mars opposes your Venus and squares Neptune and Uranus in the 8th which probably makes you wish for other people's money to help you out as well.

The key is take things into your own hands. Your Cancer ascendant is a cardinal sign meaning it initiates action. With the ruler in the 3rd house, You could also get involved in media types of jobs. The Sun trines Pluto in the 6th house which probably reflects the daily drudgery you're feeling.

There is hope but it won't land in your lap.
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