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Is there any chance at an easier life?


I am not sure how to start this smoothly. I have been working since I was 6, and to this day there are times where I need to work 7 days a week, often 12 hours per day. I've never been happy with this, obviously, but recently I feel it weighing down on me more than usual and have just been depressed.

Is there any chance at all the situation will improve? I am really not sure how many more years of this I can take.

I hope I don't look like I am whining, haha. Thanks in advance!

ETA: Could I also ask if there are any indicators for said amount of work in my chart? The only thing I can see is ruler of 2nd being conjunct a planet that's in a pitted degree and whose term ruler is out of sect... But that feels a little far fetched.

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