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Re: Chronic fatigue

Originally Posted by Zora View Post
Did you ever tried hypnosis settings ? Sun ruling 12th house - prenatal house before own birth - conj. neptune in 4th house - your sun energy looks like paralyzed and like "not (yet) being from this world".

Your 12th house cusp is still inconjuncted by transit pluto - and transit pluto being in your 5th house now (life energy - natural zodiac sun house) still semisextiles your 6th house - health house cusp. And your natal pluto is still squared by transit saturn in your 5th house - for a "wake up" of life energy.

Scorpio in 3rd house ruled by pluto - is a fantastic eidetic memory able to store all in subconscious and own mind - and mostly remembering the bad memories in every tiny detail before inner eye. Able to produce a lot of self-destructive thoughts - with physical effects on the body - with pluto in 2nd house.

Your natal pluto in 2nd house sextiles your sun, semisquares your moon, sesquiquadrates your mars and semisquares your uranus - your thoughts effect all house matters - planets are ruling.

Your venus in scorpio in 3rd house - ruling your 2nd house - physical body- is still trined by transit neptune until 10-09-2021 - drawing your energy to the inside- working under the surface to get you aware of something.

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