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Re: Doubt with a capital D!

We (as humans) are ALL somewhat unconscious to our very beings, and that is why we come here, as souls to try and merge the two (spiritual and physical) and become more aware. Astrology should help in that regard.

As to why I don't give myself high marks? Well, thats because I believe we were all connected in past lives.

The eldest daughter you mentioned with Virgo Moon also has my Sun Sign Rising and I have her Sun-sign rising...We are opposite each other.
I always said, we were "each other, but inside out".

The family didn't hold together after the death of their younger sister and my youngest child. Things happen sometimes....that you wish wouldn't but they do. Life is like that, a song I like says it all, "Life can turn on a dime"

Your 5th house of children appears to be a fruitful house ruled by Venus in Libra.

The way the houses are seen (as to fruitful and barren) in Vedic Astrology says that Venus in Leo can be less productive for children, but we aren't looking at your Sidereal chart rather your western one.

The sign Leo is barren, the lord of the Ascendant Sun is in Virgo, barren again. The Ascendant degree and its mid-point fall in Poorvaphalguni ruled by Venus who is in Leo, a barren sign. Venus is also in the same Nakshatra whose lord again is Venus himself placed in Leo, a barren sign.
Barren Signs and Denial of Marriage - Part 1 - Vedic ...

Barren sign - Astrodienst Astrowiki

    Taurus: generally a Fruitful Sign, as the sign of Venus and the exaltation of the Moon; Gemini: barren, but would also be good for destroying weeds; Cancer is the most fruitful Sign, as a water sign ruled by the Moon, and the exaltation of Jupiter; Leo: barren, as the sign of the Sun, it is considered too dry; Virgo is a barren sign. As Lilly put it: "for Mayds of themselves produce no Births."
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