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Re: Doubt with a capital D!

I think you're right! And it's something I felt a lot in my life: it's like i was born 'conditioned' to guide others, and to BE their voice (at school or in other groups I always stood in front of teachers or adults while my classmates were somehow hiding behind me and my strong opinions and poker face ), but growing up I started to feel the need to be guided myself, and to relax. I'm always looking forward to the possibility of finding a confort place or situation, in which i can just lay down and BREATHE!
Maybe the last question... As I said I'm studying medicine, and I'd like to focus on children's neuropsychiatrics more in my study. Is there something in my chart that supports this idea? I feel this is my calling, and I already started my trainee period before my graduation.
Again, thank you!!!

thank you for your kind reply! I like capricorns, so maybe we're on a same page!!
But I'm not sure I understood well what you said on Jupiter's position... Should I be polyamorous or something? hahah only joking, but I don't undertand if you mean that I should loose up more. But I don't want to be with other people!
Help me understand better if you can, please! And sorry, since English is not my first language.
About my family home... My mom has been very strict. I actually was a very calm child, a little woman, but she ALWAYS criticized me for beeing too 'lively'. She keeps on criticizing me, the way I dress (I'm kinda modest,so...nothing extraordinary) or the way I study (I'm actually a good student, but she always wants more. she's an high school teacher and she internalized the 'teacher's mentality' I think). Sometimes I suspect she actually wanted a doll instead of a daughter. Only now I understand that she acts like this because she is insecure, maybe... because of her own mother! It's like a dog chasing his tail...
My dad and I had a very good relationship through my Elementary school till I went away for Uni. I think he looked at me like I was his mini female lookalike. I always wanted to be more like him and his mother (my granny) personality-wise.
My parents never had a good relationship for various reasons, I don't know why they are still together. There was a time in my childhood in which I actually never wanted to be home (I can't remember why!) and I always wanted to stay at my grandparents'.
Since I was very little they always talkend behind each other's backs with me, so in middle school I just started fantasizing about what would it be like to finally grow up and have my future seemingly perfect family with the man of my dreams.
Well, and here we are. My boyfriend is actually 8 years older than me (saturn), a Sagittarius with a Philosophy Degree (Jupiter) haha, such a coincidence.
What do you think of the situation? Hugs

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