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Re: Doubt with a capital D!

I'll just tell you what I see and think, but remember too, it's only given in an effort to help others, not harm them. Since I am a Capricorn Sun with Mercury, & Mars all in this sign, I'm more of the "glass is half empty", and my husband "the glass is half full" opposite of me. Yet together one forms a whole which is also very nice, to be able to see things from another point of view close up.

In your natal chart, I'm focused on a) Jupiter in the 6th but within orb of being counted in the 7th of contracts, marriage and committed relationships.

Jupiter is expansive but in Capricorn may feel frustrated by the fact that Saturn is the ruler of Jupiter, to "pull you back" from overextending yourself with too many people in search of yourself.

Venus rules your 5th house of uncommitted relationships, and presents stumbling blocks for you to grow & evolve in life once you get over those hurdles.

Venus is as you know, square the Sun and Pluto, so it's about wanting control and the focus is the love life.

Seeing that your 4th hs. is a focal point, the foundation of life is found here, and I wonder since the Sun is also here, if your father took a front seat or back seat to your mother at home?

from the ages of 3-5 your 4th house was being triggered of felt psychologically speaking. Do you have any memories of that age? Were your parents very strict? Sun square Jupiter and opposing Saturn with Moon cj. Algol opposed to Pluto suggests there was a lot of control going on. Controlling others. Perhaps right in the home you grew up in .
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