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Re: Wealth and economic activity in my chart

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Friends. It is not that money is the most important thing but it generates many pleasures and it seems vital to me. Maybe I interpret my 2nd house and 8th house but I need a push for the chart as a whole.

According to my chart:
1 what activities does my income come from?
2 What is the best activity I have to earn money?
3 I know it sounds silly, is there potential in my chart to be rich?
4 What people will help me prosper?
5 Is there a key time?

I know that making fortune is an effort that goes beyond the chart but here I refer to it.
Hi Hiroshima - again! Your questions do not surprise me when looking at your chart. Taurus is very concerned about money and security - feeling physically secure is the main motivation. You have Saturn and Venus in Taurus. So, yes, of course, you are concerned about income. However, I think you have a number of possible career paths - some people have more possibilities than others, and I'm afraid, looking at your chart - you're one of those people.

The traditional ruler of your 10th house of career is Saturn in Taurus - so we're back to Money - Taurus and Venus rule Money and self-value. Many people with this signature do well in the financial service - accounting, money markets, banking, law that focuses on money. You could investigate fraud - any career that deals with money and numbers, could work. If you're not a number person, then you'll have to go in another direction.

The modern ruler of your Aquarius 10th is Uranus - found in Aquarius, 10th. You could get into computers, technology of all kinds - maybe you like fixing things, humanitarian causes, creative projects . . . there are so many different possibilities. It's difficult to say for sure what you will like in this wide field of possibilities. Aquarius people can also be good at the sciences.

The rest of the chart suggests that you could work with people in specific ways - like having one-on-one clients - Moon on 7th cusp in Libra. You could be an excellent manager of people. Often Libras are. You could be a manager in a bank or in any job you happen to be interested. You could have a business partner.

Sun/Jupiter conjunct Aries ASC makes you physically active - you'll need to have a job that allows you physical movement. Or if you work for yourself, you'll be able to take breaks - for instance - if you like accounting, you can get up frequently and stretch, lift weights or go for a short jog. You probably would like to work for yourself - but if not - you need some autonomy in your employ. You're working on "fitting in". Whether you work for others or work for yourself- you can work on improving your ability to relate graciously and to be independent within relationships at the same time. Mercury in Pisces is good for letting go of thoughts and perceptions that make you feel separate or not belonging or too close and enmeshed. You could have a conflict between them. You could have thin boundaries, being a sensitive person - and you have trouble telling what is yours and what is theirs - but also feel like you don't fit in or you are too different. The Aries Sun is to help you have courage to be your own person - to be independent - neither dependent upon some people and unable to connect with others. Mercury in Pisces can give you a great imagination too.

Anyway, all of this does impact your ability to succeed financially - because connections are important in the business world. I would say that the likelihood of success is good - because of Saturn and Venus in Taurus - but I do think you'll succeed better if you work for yourself. You need to have space and room to be alone when needed - to recharge after being around people. You're pretty sensitive and sensitive people need alone time when they need it. Maybe eventually, you'll be able to start your own business, even if you begin by working for others.

Yet another possibility - you could do well in the arts. Taurus is often called "The Musician". Venus rules the arts too and your Moon is in Libra. Mercury in Pisces, 12th could be inspired and creative. Actually - when I look at your chart in this way - I can imagine you acting - but any of the arts might interest you. So, this yet another strong possibility. Of course, it isn't so easy to make a good living in the arts - but some people do. So, I think you really need to do what interests you the most. Some Taurus people do choose to make money over what they would love doing - but I think you might be unhappy doing that. I think you need to do something you enjoy - that also will earn you a good living.
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