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Re: Doubt with a capital D!

Originally Posted by Anri9 View Post
Dear Zora, sorry! Again, i didn't mean to disrespect you or the other astrologers!
Here is the ACTUAL chart!

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Hi Ms. Doubt with a capital D!
Well, anyone can feel self-doubt, but yes, there are signs and "signatures" that can give that influence. Virgo is one. You do have Mercury in Virgo conjunct your IC in Virgo. The IC is the deepest, most private self - the 4th house cusp. So, I would definitely say this is the Capital D. I have Virgo rising, and I struggled with self-doubt for many years. You can work with it though. Virgo is a very mental sign, and you can work with your thoughts. We can't doubt ourselves without thinking thoughts that fuel that feeling.

Virgo has many positive qualities. It analyzes to deeply understand, is organized, detail-oriented, discerning, discriminating, motivated to perfect skills, loves being of service - helping others, is generally a hard-worker. Virgo loves to research and investigate. The self-doubt can have a positive - because it fuels a person to always do better - to keep working at perfecting a skill - to understand more deeply, to keep improving. It becomes a problem when the person never stops to admire the progress, enjoy the process of improving, or gets stuck in simply feeling the self-doubt and doesn't try to improve. There's a balance that needs to be attained between self-doubt and using it to improve.

I do understand how debilitating severe self-doubt can be. Even if you are on target working toward learning a skill, the self-doubt can feel pretty bad. I'm 70 so I've grown out of it. But boy, I truly did not enjoy my self-doubt. I even wrote a song about it once. So, you have my heartfelt sympathy. Some of the things you can do is - meditate! Part of the problem is that the mind is active and goes to thoughts that reinforce it. So, learning to have more control over the mind - helps. It takes some time to quiet the mind through meditation, but it's worth doing it and keeping at it. Another thing you can do is to challenge your doubting thoughts and separate yourself out from them. I mean - when they come - noticed them - give them a name as if they are a separate person - and have a conversation with that person. You are not your self-doubts. Every time you do this, you put a little bit of space between you and those doubt s. And it adds up over time - so that those thoughts come less and less.

In the meantime, you can also have a mantra - I feel doubt, but I'm doing it anyway. You can kind of ignore it - put it on a back burner. It doesn't make it go away all together necessarily - but it can feel less powerful when you don't focus on it. Also, if you are critical of other people - watch those thoughts too - because if you have those thoughts of others, you have them for yourself.

Since you have a Libra Sun and Cancer rising - you're very sensitive to other people's energy. It's very important to put yourself in the company of good-feeling people - people who are supportive, loving and at least - pleasant. If they are confident, then this is the best because you can absorb their confident energy. You can truly benefit from the right other people.

You have Mars and Venus in Leo - 2nd/3rd houses - and this is good for confidence building. Leo can lack confidence too, but the sign is about playing, being creative, having pleasurable experiences, having fun, playing with different roles - and you could tune into that energy. It is also quite relational - so - you could easily get a lot from the right relationships. With Aries SN - you might tend to be quite independent. Your NN says - you need to cultivate your relational skills - and - it may be a challenge, but an important path forward to the getting over the Capital D. Your chart is one that suggests there will be much self-development in your lifetime. You care about the world and want to make an impact. So, try to go easy on yourself - give yourself some space - and develop some self-talk that is supportive of your talents and ability to grow.
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