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Re: Do I have positive placements/aspects for being a public speaker or orator?

Public Speaker or Orator?

Well, Yes and possibly NO, let me clarify….

If we are looking at your ability to be a public speaker, there are some good indicators.

Merc/ruler of 3rd, in Taurus—Venus, in the 3rd in Gemini:

You have natal Venus in Gemini in the 3rd of communication skills. So you probably love to talk and are very good at expressing yourself in an animated, likeable way.

Venus trines Jupiter in the 11th in Aquarius, so you may be able to expand your communication skills to Social Media, pod casts, web based projects, tech devices, etc….but combined with Jupiter there might be a spiritual or religious or metaphysical aspect to this 11th house platform.

We look to Mercury to assess your communication skills:

Your Mercury rules the 3rd of Communication because Gemini is on the cusp. So communicating in many forms should come naturally to you.
Your Mercury is in the 1st, front and center, conjunct Moon in Taurus. So you know how to emotionally connect with others and make them feel like you are listening to them and care what they think. And you do.

Your Mercury is in an Earth Grand Trine with Mars in Virgo and Neptune in Cap in the 10th of Career/Public Service. So Public Speaking could be one of your strengths if you learn to prepare, research and organise your information.

Which is why I started by saying ‘yes and maybe no…’

What are the potential flaws in your public speaking skills? …Your Mercury has that wonderful Grand Trine, which indicates your ability to talk creatively, inspirationally, with flair, and with a natural flow.

However, Mercury also squares that 11th house Jupiter.

So you may sometimes talk too much? You may go on longer than need be.
Jupiter cannot always set proper boundaries. So a 1st house Mercury/Moon squaring Jupiter indicates some potential problems—maybe you say things spontaneously that are better left unsaid?
Maybe you will say some things, from a Jupiter place, like from a place of authority or wise counsel, but you might not always be correct or have your facts straight?

I have Mercury/Jupiter opposition so I know this conflict well. Sometimes, back when I was still teaching Astrology and Metaphysics, I would get too enthusiastic about something and ‘exaggerate’, as I like to call it. When my students would ask more about it I would have to go home and research and come back and clarify or backtrack…

Which brings me to the other issue I see—Venus in 3rd of communication square Mars/Virgo, chart ruler , in 6th of service. It is similar to the Mercury/Jupiter square. It can represent impatience, wanting to take shortcuts, not following through sufficiently so just giving quick overviews, etc.

So one potential drawback in your natal, in terms of becoming an orator or public speaker might be===what are you going to speak about?

You will need to go in depth, study something sufficiently and with enough experience and expertise, that you are fully qualified to speak on it, teach it and be comfortable that you are an expert.

In other words, you can be a very good and accomplished public speaker—as long as you take the time and energy needed to develop something important to talk about.

The weakness of Gemini on the 3rd, and Mercury square Jupiter, can be that you might be tempted to begin giving lectures or speaking appearances before you are a qualified expert in whatever field you are speaking about.

The good news is that you have Sun opposed Pluto in the 8th, and Saturn in your 12th, sextile your Sun/Jupiter Trine. So you do know how to go deep and get to the core of the metaphysical ands spiritual pursuits that interest you.

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