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Re: How to fix lack of aspects in my progressed chart?

Originally Posted by Harmelia View Post
TR Uranus is coming to your natal Moon. This can cause you to have some new ideas about what you could do. TR Uranus always brings change - and it will enhance your intuition, break up old patterns - mental and emotional ones - and can give you new insight. Your Moon is the planet that we associate with "what makes you happy". In the 12th house, I bet you either are very creative, have a strong spiritual connection - or both. The 12th house is not really of this world - non-materialistic - so whatever you do for a living, probably will be some creative - which is of that world.

Taurus is very materialistic, so there's a natural conflict with Moon in Taurus and the 12th. On the other hand, I've seen many psychic people with Moon in Taurus. You might be able to ground spirituality and use it that way.
These things are all accurate.. I've always had a bit of psychic ability but it's been getting much stronger lately. I'm artistic, yes. I'm really only 100% happy when I'm painting, writing, making things, or doing psychic-related work and studying astrology.

Originally Posted by Harmelia View Post
I think you take a lot of responsibility for others and this lifetime is about you taking time to nurture yourself - feel your feelings - know your own heart - follow your own impulses.
That's a real gift to hear. Yes, as a single-mother expat, I do have a lot of responsibility for others.

Originally Posted by Harmelia View Post
Are you interested in the occult - reading cards, for instance? Do you have any skills? You could be given to self-doubt with Virgo IC, so you really have to watch that. The trick with Virgo is to recognize the self-doubt and self-criticism, and do it anyway. Virgo is a perfectionist and hard on itself. So, you have to give yourself a break and try not to listen to that kind of dialogue in your head. You have to recognize your talent and go forward, even if you think you'll never be good enough. You have to go with what it is you'd like to do. Give yourself a chance to prove to yourself that you can get good enough in time - with practice - with experience. We all have to start at the beginning sometime - and of course - no one is very good at first.
I've read cards all my life and I love it, my dream job is to do this in combination with i-Ching and astrology to solve "mysteries" and unknown things but as you say.. I never feel like I'll be good enough to do it professionally.

Originally Posted by Harmelia View Post
The 9th house is about expanding - learning new things. TR Saturn is in your 9th - good for a steady focus on expanding, learning new things - and TR Jupiter will come up to your MC in the not too distant future - could expand your inspiration as well. So, this is a very good time to be learning new things until the teaching market comes back. Mostly, you must keep your self-doubt in check. You WILL feel self-doubt. But let it inspire you to prove you can and will . . . perfect a skill. I hope this is helpful.
I'm doing a proper astrology course right now, so that's giving me a steady focus on expanding. I hope I can put it towards that Jupiter MC theme -- I'm trying to get the courage to do it.

Anyway, thanks for your insight and kind words, it's giving me encouragement that I should keep working at what I really want to do

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