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Re: How to fix lack of aspects in my progressed chart?

The situation is pretty obvious.
Your 9th house of international teaching is ruled by Saturn, and not only is transiting Saturn sitting there causing restrictions, it also almost exactly squares your moon/jupiter opposition, and Jupiter we know rules the natural 9th and teaching and also rules your midheaven and is sitting near the cusp of your 6th of work.
So yes, this is on full brake mode at the moment.
In the progressed chart we see a similar picture, with Jupiter now ruling your 6th, mars who rules your natal 6th now rules your progressed midheaven. Jupiter is progressed co-ruler of the 9th and we see transiting Neptune sitting right there in the 9th.
Quite understandable you are feeling frustrated, and your words "pretty stuck" are exactly what the situation is.
It looks a little like a chess game, doesn't it?
So how do you get out of this?
If we look at midheaven now at 24 Aries, it is square transiting pluto at the moment.
And pluto wants change. Aries wants you to take the lead, managing directing or administrating. Ruler mars is in Capricorn, the business sign. The 9th co-ruler Neptune is conjunct the 7th of partners, and Neptune is by the 9th cusp.
Progressed moon in libra, sign of partners, will sextile Neptune.
Can you join up with a partner to teach business in some way? Mars is there near south node, which symbolises your "safe space", a karmic past experience, which should therefore come easy to you.
Or, given the travel restrictions, can you reach out overseas to students online? I.e. rather than waiting for them to come to your country, teach them before they come to you, in anticipation of the loosening of the restrictions (they can't last forever, can they, even though it might seem that way!).
Instinctively you are heading in the right direction, picking up the progression energy, when you write "to help take action and get results". That's Aries and Capricorn language.
Your 2nd of income is now sun, who is approaching a conjunction with Jupiter, ruler of 6th of work, tying things together. So the possibility of activating that Jupiter will bring you income.
This isn't a desperate situation, as much as it may seem that way to you at the moment. I've just thrown some ideas out following the threads that are intertwined in the charts, but you can develop it more and much better, shift the energy in line with the progressions.
Remember, neither the transits nor the progressions will last forever. This too shall pass. Things will be easier and in the meantime you just need to take the bull by the horns to ride it through.
I hope this can be helpful. Keep us updated.
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